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January 2011


We give aid and extend help within our local community first, but gifts have been given outside our community as needs were made known.  All assistance passed on is a reflection of the generosity of our parishioners and Saint George Greek Orthodox Church.   


I’d like to talk about the word, ‘give.’  There are several descriptions offered and I chose the one as in ‘to make a gift of.’  A gift is a presentation to someone noteworthy in our lives.  It is usually given freely---the only reservation is the hope that it will be used wisely.  Giving is an act of generosity and can require sacrifice.  Most of us do the best we can to fulfill the scriptural obligation to share.  We will sometimes even go so far as to remind ourselves that our donations are given as a gift to God.  Even then, we can find the demands on our funds overwhelming.  So, I’m offering an alternative thought about these requests to ‘give’ that can make us groan and think, “Oh please, not another collection tray!?”


And now the usual...our Chapter continues to shrink.  New members are needed.  Again, I am asking our parishioners to step in and fill the void.  PLEASE!  At least consider volunteering to help at the events we sponsor. Participation serves as an avenue to help those who have needs and it is an opportunity to share in the generosity that has always been a part of the history and tradition of Orthodoxy and your Greek culture.


We meet after Liturgy in the library on the first Sunday of each month from September through May.  Check the bulletin for scheduling changes.  We strive to keep our meetings to one hour so everyone can get home. Annual membership starts in January.  The dues are $25.00 per year--payable by the end of March.   Speak with any member of Philoptochos for information.   


Kali Orexi!!





Philoptochos Officers 


President: Georgia Stahl

Vice President: Fran Kontos
Corr. Secretary: Eleni Dionyssopoulos
Recording Secretary: Elena Malonson

Treasurer: Mary Frosinos